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Challenges, Publication-justification

Publication-justification with Special Pathogen Journals (SPRN)

Dear Colleagues/Researchers,
Before you send your next original manuscripts for publication think about the following seven questions on Publication-justification which may be zero! because your choice matters?

Publication-justification with zero value!

1. Why rush to send your papers to journals for publication just because they are located in some far countries? Publication-justification is zero!
2. Why send your papers to some journals who business minded organization lacking the academic impact journals are expected to have to the societies. Publication-justification is zero!
3. Why rush to send your papers without looking at the expertise of that journal as exemplified in the editorial board of that journal. Publication-justification is zero!
4. Why send your papers to warehouse journals where papers are published 24=72 hrs on arrival to encourage you to pay recommended amount? Publication-justification is zero!
5. Why spend your money to publish in a journal that is out of touch with the reality on ground just because they have been around for ages and are associated with popular trade names? Publication-justification is zero!
6. Why send your papers for publication to journals that lacks data base or archives or seen today and disappears tomorrow? Publication-justification is zero!
7. Why cry over rejected papers by a journal when your papers were rejected due to racial and economic profiling and not because your papers are of poor quality. Publication-justification is zero!

Support our innovative publication efforts and joun the editorial Board

If you are concerned about the implications of the questions to you as an African researcher, Africa based research or researcher interested in developing countries of the tropics, then send your manuscripts for consideration and publication in any of the five special pathogens Journals listed below:

a, Special Parasite Pathogens Journal  (http://www.spparenet.org/SPPJ/ )
b. Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal (http://www.spparenet.org/SBPJ/ )
c. Special Fungal Pathogens Journal (http://www.spparenet.org/SFPJ/ )
d. Special Viral Pathogens Journal (http://www.spparenet.org/SVPJ/ )
e. Special Pathogens Review Journal (http://www.spparenet.org/SPRJ/ )

Send also your one page CV to join the editorial Board. You can publish your manuscripts with the Special Pathogen  Journals by sending your original papers to our editorial office for processing, peer review, professional editing and publication. Please send by email attachment to  [email protected]  , and copy  [email protected]



AGWU Ezera is the presiding editor and Associate Professor in Medical Microbiology and Immunology @ Kabale University School of Medicine.

For questions call +256782101486 and +256703129679. You can send your paper for publication by mail attachment to [email protected] or [email protected]

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