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Special journals will be glad to receive manuscripts and research papers for peer review and publication in the area of Innovations in global health research. Innovative-global-health-manuscripts are therefore needed for peer review and publication. Diseases we consider may be from human animal or plant diseases respectively. Innovative-global-health-manuscripts may be in plant animal or human disease in diverse geographical settings. Plant disease affect yield and impacts on our economy and affects our general health systems. Animal diseases also our protein energy nutrition and food security at both international and national levels. Publications that seeks to highlight the interconnectivity of human, animal and plant will definitely impact on the global disease burden. We hope for a paradigm shift in disease diagnosis prevention and management in resource limited setting. All innovative-global-health-manuscripts received from now till December 20, 2019 will be given expedited review and rapid publication. With our body of competent and dedicated reviewers, waiting to be assigned specific duties, we guarantee an average duration of two (2) to four (4) weeks between receipt of manuscript and publication online if accepted for publication.

  1. Reduce the morbidity and mortality of high burden diseases and conditions
  2. Eliminate and eradicate priority diseases and other public health threats
  3. Strengthen the capacity to prevent and detect disease outbreaks and other public health threats
  4. Strengthen the capacity for timely and effective response to disease outbreaks and other public health threats
  5. Develop and apply global public health scientific, laboratory, and programmatic expertise
  6. Translate and disseminate evidence-based research and data into global health guidance, policy, and programs
  7. Drive innovation to accelerate new, more effective tools, products, strategies, and technologies
  8. Explore the option of insecticide treated uniforms since Children spend most of the day time at school, which is when dengue vectors are most active and school uniforms are a cultural norm in most developing countries,  
  9. Uses mobile phones, SMS messaging and electronic mapping technology to track weekly stock levels at thousands of public health facilities in any country of the world.
  10. Detects parasites in urine Schistosoma infections by detecting parasites in urine.
  11. Uses local kit to test malaria, dengue and other vector-borne diseases.
  12. Report innovations in the use of a new interactive website to show the possible routes and risks of vector-borne diseases being spread from endemic areas to airports via flights. Tools being reported should pull data from global disease risk and vector presence maps, air travel records, flight capacity information and global climatic data sets. As we travel more, so too do diseases and the insects that spread them.
  13. Final Respiratory Protection Program Toolkit for Healthcare Workers
  14. Impact of paid sick leave laws and ordinances on public health
  15. Improving Respirator Programs in Acute Care California Hospitals
  16. Improving the Reach and Effectiveness of Local Public Health Systems in Preventing, Screening for and Treating Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  17. Mainstreaming Gender in National HIV Strategies and Plans: From Evidence to Action
  18. Public Health Delivery and Cost Studies in the San Joaquin Valley of California
  19. What Works for Women & Girls: Evidence for HIV-AIDS Interventions Health Policy Project
  20. YOUTH Health Infor(u)m: Promoting Youth Health Through Health Policy Information Sharing
  21. New systems for detecting or assessing the impact of infectious agents on defined populations,
  22. Address concerns over intentional introduction of bio threat agents,
  23. Highlights the emergence of resistant organisms and the appearance of previously unrecognized infections such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the impact they have on one health.

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