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Call for papers

Special Fungal Pathogens Journal [SJ-FPJ] is now accepting papers again for its Volume 1, issue 2. Your papers will be published in 4 weeks including  [receipt, review, acceptance, and online publication]

Special Fungal Pathogens Journal

Special Fungal Pathogens Journal is one of the open-access journals published by the Special Journals publisher (SJP) mandated to publish the novel, accurate, error-free, logical, valid, verifiable, plagiarism-free reproducible articles with the ultimate goal of helping to achieve global sustainable development

One Health and Special Fungal Pathogens Journal

One health principles and concepts also define our focus and therefore we will accept and publish research papers about bacterial pathogens associated with diseases in humans, Plant, and Animals. Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal [SJ-BPJ] is one of the four journals published by Special Journals publisher (SJP) with special emphasis on microbial pathogens and associated diseases in Human, Plant, and Animals.

Development and information

Development and information are two inseparable variables that depend on each other to thrive. Power, affluence, advancement, and better society depends on the quality of research-based information available to the stakeholders per unit point in time. As the world drifts towards professionalism, professionalism drifts towards quality information, and information drifts towards research, the need for detailed research-based information as drivers of professionalism cannot be overemphasized. Therefore join us today and publish with us at once

Nature and sustainability

Nature is a big sustainability player and so must be preserved. Balanced economic growth, preservation of the ecosystem, and a guarantee of equal access to resources to all human communities define our approach. An informed society is a strong society and a strong society is a society with accessible critical information needed to make developmental efforts really sustainable.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy defines what we do and how we do what we do the way we do it. It includes but not limited to

  1. Maintain high moral values NOT for profit BUT for sustainable success
  2. Corporate decisions emphatically based more on objective views
  3. Business changes with changing forces in its environment.
  4. Performance should drive motivation
  5. Levity should be replaced with  a sense of competitive urgency
  6. ???
Accepting papers for Vol 1 No 2, January 1 to June 30, 2021
List of Published papers

1. Inyang NJ, Enweani IB, Agwu E, Esumeh FI, Obiazi HAK, Eifediyi  RA,  Ikheloa J. Spec Fungal Path J (SBPJ) 2015; Vol 1, No 1: p 07-13. :   [Full text – HTML]  :    [Full text- PDF]

2. Micheni L, Agwu E, Maniga J, Okech MA, Ponchang PW:  Special Fungal Pathogens Journal (SBPJ) 2015; 1 (1): 1-7.       [Full text in HTML]  :  [Full text in PDF]

5. Samaila AB, Yarma AA, and Oshomoh EO. Special Fungal Pathogens Journal (SFPJ), 2016 Vol 1, No 1, pages: 0014 – 0018,  [Full text [HTML] : [Full text PDF]

Special Fungal Pathogens Journal

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