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Please read [**Our APC WAIVERS terms**]  before you submit your papers

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    Bacterial Pathogens research papers can be submitted to Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal for attention. To submit a manuscript to the Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal, we recommend the use of strobes guidelines or checklist as adapted from the strobe guideline for observational studies (STROBES) as indicated here  If you can say yes to all the questions, then you are ready to submit your manuscript for consideration. You are advised to use the form above to submit your manuscript for consideration and publication in the Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal. We need only word format so it can be easy to put in the reviewer’s comments using track changes.

    For submission of a non-observational study manuscript, you are advised to follow the authors’ information to comply with our writing format so as to pass editorial screening before papers are sent for external peer review! If the editorial office is not satisfied, your manuscript may be returned to you for attention within 48hrs! Thank you for choosing to publish with us.

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