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The scope of our activities


The Special Journals Publisher SJP publishes 4 closely related but clearly distinct journals on pathogenic microorganisms – Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, and Parasites. They are

  • Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal [SJ-BPJ] –  [ISSN-2413-600X]
  • Special Fungal Pathogens Journal [SJ-FPJ] –   [ISSN-2518-0053]
  • Special Viral Pathogens Journal [SJ-VPJ] –  [ISSN-2414-4266]
  • Special Parasites Pathogens Journal [SJ-PPJ] –  [ISSN-2415-0134]

This 4 unique journals are specially christened to provide strategic leadership in specialized microbial research and a relatively new research horizon for the battle for supremacy between man and microorganisms. SJP knows that a pathogen is a pathogen and microorganisms is microorganisms what differs remain their niche and the impact of their niche on their pathogenicity remain incompletely understood despite advances in technology and information dynamics that has revolutionized modern research.

Business plan

The scope of these 4 unique journals ([SJ-BPJ] – [SJ-FPJ] – [SJ-VPJ] – [SJ-PPJ]) – is to unify all research papers about pathogenic microbial [bacteria, Fungi, Viruses and Parasite] agents and associated infections in human, plants, and animals. The list of diseases to be covered for publication are endless due to the unique and broad nature of microbial pathogens of human, plant, and animal importance. Special [Bacterial, Fungal, Viral, and Parasite] Pathogens Journal

We will welcome all manuscripts dealing with the detailed research and elucidation of the etiology, biology, pathogenesis, pathological findings microbial virulence, clinical and laboratory diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and control of microbial disease of Human, Plant and Animal importance. The ultimate goal is to make data available whenever, however, where ever needed, by and for stakeholders to achieve sustainable development

The Scope of papers considered

These 4 unique journals ([SJ-BPJ] – [SJ-FPJ] – [SJ-VPJ] – [SJ-PPJ]) will, therefore, consider for peer-reviews and publication all research that elucidates [bacteria, Fungi, Viruses and Parasite] diseases of Humans, Animals, and Plant importance. Publication of manuscripts depend on novelty, quality of information contained in the research manuscript, the relevance of the content to our reader’s interest, clarity and accuracy of data. Manuscripts which have policy implications and correlation studies seeking to compare the data of complex medical conditions, generated with sophisticated modern equipment with routinely detectable bio-markers predictive of such complex medical conditions will be considered for publication provided this will bring diagnosis to the doorsteps of resource-poor settings.

Our Emphasis

Of particular interest these 4 unique journals ([SJ-BPJ] – [SJ-FPJ] – [SJ-VPJ] – [SJ-PPJ]) will be manuscripts about the human, plant, and animal importance These 4 unique journals ([SJ-BPJ] – [SJ-FPJ] – [SJ-VPJ] – [SJ-PPJ]) want to publish manuscripts about microbial pathogenic agents of:

  • Neglected diseases,
  • Emerging diseases,
  • Re-emerging diseases,
  • Non-responsive or resistant diseases of human, plant, and animal importance.

Manuscripts types

The scope of these 4 unique journals ([SJ-BPJ] – [SJ-FPJ] – [SJ-VPJ] – [SJ-PPJ]) remain to consider for publication any information format that can convey the minds of the write with minimum questions, skepticism and bias. This include but not limited to

  • Full length research papers,
  • Short communications,
  • Letters to the editors,
  • Case reports,
  • Conference papers,
  • Book chapters,
  • Books,
  • Thesis/dissertations,
  • Lecture notes,
  • Power points lectures,
  • Conference proceedings,
  • Structured abstracts and

The scope includes special manuscripts about the biology of microorganisms aimed at elucidating adaptation to extremely harsh environment or antimicrobial agents and manuscripts which highlight advances to more effective manipulation, prevention, and control of microbial-disease of human, plant and animal importance will be considered for publication.

Molecular Biology

These 4 unique journals ([SJ-BPJ] – [SJ-FPJ] – [SJ-VPJ] – [SJ-PPJ]) will accept papers on diagnosis and investigations using molecular biology principles to generate, analyze or interpret data with the ultimate goal of advancing our knowledge in epidemiology, transmission dynamics, and host-microbial interaction will be added advantage. The scope includes a manuscript about the one-health concept and specific roles of microbial in improving plant or animal yield and reduces microbial resistance to conventional surface-active

Human – Microbial Disease

The scope of these 4 unique journals ([SJ-BPJ] – [SJ-FPJ] – [SJ-VPJ] – [SJ-PPJ]) includes all articles for publication from human samples that deal with host-microbial interaction including outcome and influencing factors. Of special interest will be reports of novel research findings in:

  • Etiologic characteristics
  • epidemiology,
  • disease diagnosis,
  • treatment,
  • pathogenesis,
  • prevention,
  • control,
  • Molecular genetics,
  • mutagenesis,
  • microevolution of special pathogens,
  • mechanisms of microbial-disease resistance, and

The scope of these 4 unique journals ([SJ-BPJ] – [SJ-FPJ] – [SJ-VPJ] – [SJ-PPJ]) include papers with details about

  • Emerging disease agents
  • Re-emerging etiological agents,
  • Diagnosis,
  • Epidemiology,  
  • Public health,
  • Experimental,
  • Clinical,
  • Laboratory investigations,

The scope of these 4 unique journals ([SJ-BPJ] – [SJ-FPJ] – [SJ-VPJ] – [SJ-PPJ]) will also include letters to the editor and Clinical images in the broad field of Human infectious diseases and clinical microbiology of diseases with the ultimate goal of elucidating approaches of making disease management before for today and future generations

Animal Microbial diseases

The scope of these 4 unique journals ([SJ-BPJ] – [SJ-FPJ] – [SJ-VPJ] – [SJ-PPJ]) will include for consideration for publication any information format that can convey the minds of the writer with minimum questions, skepticism and bias and the research areas we expect articles to come under clear attention and consideration may include but not limited to:

  • Production,
  • Genetics,
  • Nutrition,
  • Physiology,
  • Pathology,
  • Diagnosis,
  • Prevention and
  • Control of animal microbial disease.
  • Innovative research on preparation, utilization, and prospecting of bio-active compounds from animal products.

The scope of these 4 unique journals ([SJ-BPJ] – [SJ-FPJ] – [SJ-VPJ] – [SJ-PPJ]) include but not limited to considering for review and publication all articles typically reporting on research with beef cattle, companion animals, goats, horses, pigs, and sheep. Studies involving other farm animals, aquatic, wildlife species, and laboratory animal species that address fundamental questions related to livestock and companion animal biology, climatic and environmental impact on animals and associated diseases are also welcome for consideration for publication.

Plant Microbial diseases

These 4 unique journals ([SJ-BPJ] – [SJ-FPJ] – [SJ-VPJ] – [SJ-PPJ]) will consider for publication any research with details on the interaction of special pathogenic organisms, with economic plants in relation to plant: ecology, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, vectors, and vector biology, and physiology.

Articles to be considered for publication by Special bacterial Pathogens Journal, including those dealing with

  • The biological nature of various plant pathogens,
  • Molecular aspects of host-pathogen interaction,
  • Epidemiology and disease management,
  • All plant pathogenic microbial ecology of plant-pathogen,
  • Plant disease diagnosis, and plant disease management,
  • Non-infectious plant disease,
  • New disease records in plants fundamental and applied aspects of plant pathology;
  • Investigations about the disease in agricultural and horticultural crops,
  • Forestry, and in natural plant populations.

Special Bacterial Pathogen Journal, will also consider articles on screenings of plant protection products, varietal trials for disease resistance, and biological control agents. Special bacterial Pathogen Journal will be particularly happy if these articles deal with strategic approaches to plant microbial disease management, phyto-plasmatology, physiological plant pathology, plant-microbial interactions, post-harvest plant diseases, noninfectious diseases, and plant protection.


Our scope

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