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The short term plan is the strategic plan which we expect to be achieved by 2030 (12years) during which the network is expected to

  1. Provide standard and timely Laboratory Services/analysis on food, water, clinical specimens and any other samples suspected of harbouring special pathogens and other microorganisms of public health importance
  2. Establish standard Laboratories at selected sentinel sites [countries, regions] to generate relevant evidence-based data-base
  3. Build capacity by developing and supporting a sustainable train the trainers programs at the grass-root
  4. Design and implement interventions using socio-demographic, public health and molecular approaches
  5. Develop diagnostic tools for early detection of disease and associate indicators (markers)
  6. Develop vaccines for use in preventive prophylaxis
  7. Establish standard management protocols for special pathogen studies and associated diseases
  8. Test the efficacy of local herbs as alternative to associated disease prevention and control
  9. Establish a forum for the dissemination of data to relevant audience about disease outcome
  10. 10.Establish a disease intervention logistics (DILO) department of the network
  11. Coordinate the publication of Special Pathogen Journal  (SPJ) according to stipulated standard and make the journals the envy of researchers and stake holders in the healthcare sector in Africa and other developing resource limited settings
  12. Respond to outbreaks timely and effectively with adequate skills, and other resources.

In this short term plan we expect corporate sponsors to intervene by investing heavily in this network and related activities so as to make the achievement of our network objectives easy and feasible. We also expect to form consortia with other collaborating institutions so that we can best harmonize resources  for the good of our client, and the society at large. The society must be impacted so that they are proud of keeping the network as its own part. We do not want the society to see our network as a liability. The era of poor performance in everything is over and from 2018, we declare it as a year of advancement and from when we will stamp our name in the global research and medical diagnostic industry.

Short term plan

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