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  1. Andropause
  2. Diabetes,
  3. Hypertension,
  4. Osteoporosis,
  5. Alzheimer’s,
  6. Heart disease,
  7. Fibromyalgia,
  8. Cancer (Lung, skin)
  9. Leukemia,
  10. Epilepsy,
  11. Obesity,
  12. Sickle cell disease.
  13. Menopause
  14. Autoimmune diseases,
  15. Trauma,
  16. Fractures,
  17. Mental disorders,
  18. Malnutrition,
  19. Poisoning
  20. Hormonal conditions .
  21. Complications of Non infectious diseases
  22. Impacts of Non infectious disease in Global dis epidemic
  23. Molecular diagnosis of Endemic Non-infectious dis ENID
  24. Innovations in the management of ENID
  25. Policy implications of ENID epidemic in the tropics

ENIDS Announcement

We invite Abstracts of original or published papers or ongoing research articles for presentation at the ENIDS Conference scheduled for  November 8-9TH, 2019, at the  Kabale University, Kabale, Uganda

ENIDS Conference hopes to assemble the best brains from all works of life  from all countries to discuss the silent global epidemic by ENID with the ultimate goal of sharing ideas on how best to reduce the associated skyrocketing mortality. ENID kills more people than HIV/TB/Malaria.

ENIDS will provide the platform for stakeholders to deliberate on how to form a consortia that makes maximum use of available resources.

We invite All University Dons, managers, researchers, doctors, Pharmacists, Public Health officers, Biomedical Scientists, donors, NGOs, policy makers, industries, and interested but not listed members of the general populace.


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