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Special Pathogens Research Network Ltd. +256700488917 [email protected]
Excellence Beyond Expectation !

The overall research interest of Special Pathogens Research Network Limited is reduce mortality and morbidity records in resource limited settings by contributing to efforts that will lead to better state of the art diagnosis, prevention and control of disease associated to special pathogens. We want to

1. Disease diagnosis prevention and control,   2. Outline opportunistic infections of HIV/AIDS ,  3. Build the capacity of local scientist to raise the critical mass needed to keep the surveillance active , 4. Health education and promotion 5. Validate the use of alternative herbal remedies in the prevention and control of diseases associated with special pathogens, 7.. Describe the Epidemiology of Special Pathogens and associated infections, 8. Develop vaccine and try it clinically before its use to control special pathogens related disease ;,9. An do any other activities that will help us achieve our objective.

Viral research interest include:

Arbo-viruses, Bunya-e.g. Rift Valley Fever,   Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever, Hantaan, Hanta ,  Toga-e.g. Alpha virus (e.g. sinbis), Rubi virus, Pesti virus, and Arteri virus. Flavi-, Yellow Fever, dengue, Japanese Encephalitis, kyasanur dx, omsk-Rusia, west-nile fever , Haemorrhagic Fever viruses, Arenaviridae (Lassa fever viruses) , Filoviridae (Ebola and Marburg viruses), Ortho-pox-virus, Nipah and Hendra- viruses, Rabies virus

Bacterial research interest include:

1. Legionella, 2. Rickettsia, 3. Acinetobacter, 4. Chlamydia,  5. Vibrio,   6. Non-tuberculo s Mycobacteria, 7. Salmonella species infection both typhoid and non typhoid. 8. Other Enterobacteria species, 9.Pyogenic and pyrogenic gram possitive cocci including Staph, strept, Enterococcus, and Neiseria species, 10. Gram positive spore forming bacili clostridium species, 11. The diphtheroids. 12. All other bacteria involved in human, animal and plant diseases not easily detected or commonly misdiagnosed during routine investigation..

Fungi research interest

Candida species- Candidiasis , Histoplama species- Histoplasmosis , Cryptococcus species-Cryptococosis

Aspergilus species-Aspergilosis

Parasites research interest

1. Leishmania donovanie, Leishmaniasis –, 2.Trypanosoma species-African and American diseases

3.Lymphatic filarial worms – Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, and Brugia timori. ,Sub-cutanouse filarial nematodes, a.Onchocerca volvulus-Onchocerciasis –, b.Drancunculus medinensis– Dracunculiasis (guinea-worm disease) Schistosoma species Schistosomiasis –, 6.Treponema species Endemic Treponematoses (yaws, pinta, endemic syphilis…) –,  7.Soil-transmitted helminthes: Ascaris species, Ancylostoma duodenale, Necata americanis and Trichurius tichuria

Research Interest

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