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Special Pathogens Research Network Ltd. +256700488917 [email protected]
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The Special Pathogens Research Network Limited has several meetings aimed at equipping the clients with skills to provide answers to challenging health issues in developing country settings.

Our meetings also provide  fora for the researchers to share their research findings with each other so as to enrich the data-base for infectious disease management.

We have two main annual events which takes place the last week of April and the 1st week of November. We have 2 in one events: a workshop and a scientific conference lasting for six days from Monday to Saturday.

The April meeting is made of a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) workshop designed to improve the skills of our clients in infectious disease diagnosis while the November event has Bioinformatics and Biostatics workshop primarily designed to increase our clients capacity to manage databases.

Special Pathogens and Associated Disease Scientific (SPADS) conference takes place annually every last week of April while the Endemic Non-Infectious diseases Scientific (ENIDS) conference takes place every first week November of year.

PCR continues to play central role in disease diagnosis and the importance of understanding its basic principles can not be over emphasized. Increasing the population of PCR skilled local researchers will indicate our preparedness for regular and imminent disease outbreaks in resource limited developing country settings.

Africa continues to act like a hub for all forms of diseases and needs  a fora to share research results aimed at improving effectiveness and management capabilities. On the other hand bioinformatics and biostatistics workshop is aimed at increasing of data analysis capacity.

The target population included but not limited to: lecturers, students, lab managers, Doctors, Nurses, Laboratory Scientist, Biomedical Scientist, Quality assurance officers, donor representative, public health officers, Hospital directors and even policy makers and donors.

Exhibition at the and scientific conference will form a plateforn


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