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Special Pathogens and Associated Disease Scientific [SPADS] conference April 27-28, 2018

Register here...                   SPADS conference 2018 poster here


REGISTER HERE.               SPADS confer 2018 poster here

SPADS conference is here again and we are glad to announce the 2018 Special Pathogens and Associated Diseases Scientific (SPADS) conference Scheduled for 27-28, April 2018 at the Mothers Union Conference center Bushenyi, Uganda

We therefore wish to invite all stake holders of the SPADS meetings including but limited to: Doctors, Medical Lab Scientist, Biomedical researchers, University lecturers, students, Public health officers, Pharmacists, Lab managers, public and private sectors, donor agencies  and so on.

Tropical diseases remain a challenge despite multidisciplinary efforts made to control it. Mortality and morbidity continue to skyrocket simply due to lack of   affirmative action in disease management. This conference will bring Africa’s best brain to discus presented results and how it may impact the lives of ordinary citizens.

The past 2017 SPADS conference was a big success because 52 abstracts of novel Scientific researches were accepted and presented to delegates from 9 countries in 3 continents of Africa, India and USA.  We are expecting 300 abstracts in this 2018 meeting. Please a part of this meeting by sending your structured abstracts now to [email protected]      or [email protected] Or call +256782101486/+256703129679/+256703554174

SPADS Topics to be covered include but not Limited to the following List below
  1. Innovations in global disease control strategies
  2. Impacts of non-communicable disease in global disease epidemics
  3. Innovations in point of care diagnostics and disease epidemics
  4. Molecular Epidemiology of Neglected/Poly-microbial diseases
  5. Management of disease epidemic in resource limited setting
  6. Hospital and community acquired infections
  7. Updates in rolling back Tropical disease  epidemic
  8. Global Research trends in emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases
  9. Microbial Pathogenesis and Virulence
  10. Immunology of Infections
  11. Molecular Mechanism of Resistance
  12. Antimicrobial Stewardship/Resistance/production/quality control
  13. Infectious Diseases Prevention, Control Measures and Cure
  14. Vaccines/ Vaccination / Infectious Diseases Vaccines
  15. Genital/Urinary Tract Infections
  16. Surgical Site Infections/Soft Tissue infections and ulcers
  17. Blood Stream Infections/Sepsis
  18. Updates in new Viral infections (e.g. Ebola and Zika)
  19. Tuberculosis/HIV/Hepatitis/Malaria Disease
  20. Microbial Forensics and Molecular Basis of Bacteria disease
  21. Animal Infectious Diseases/ Zoonosis
  22. Plant Disease Modelling and Parameter Estimation
  23. Advances in Diagnosis/Treatment of Infectious Diseases
  24. Pediatric/Childhood Infectious Diseases
  25. Miscellaneous infections disease



Please see the Registration details for participation in the fort coming Special Pathogens and associated diseases Scientific (SPADS) conference scheduled to hold from 27-28 April 2018, at the mothers Union Conference center, Bushenyi, Uganda

For more questions you may wish to call the Local organizing committee (LOC): +256782101486/+256703129679 and/or send a mail to us at [email protected] or [email protected]

1. Students in Uganda: (a) With accepted abstracts:…UGSH 30,000/= (b) Without abstracts:……..UGSH 20,000/=

2. Non Students in Uganda: (a) With accepted abstracts:…UGSH 50,000/= (b) Without abstracts:……..UGSH 30,000/=

3. Foreign participants/Students (a) with accepted abstracts: ……….US$50 (b) Without abstracts:….US$30

4. Legal entities EXPO: in Uganda:….UGSH 200,000/- Not situated in Uganda: US$200

Accepted abstracts will be published as supplements in any of the five special pathogen Journals.

SPADS Conference

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