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Explore the Special Journals group and Join as stakeholder

Explore the Special Journals group and Join as stakeholder


Special journals group

The Special Journals Group [SJG] is a library of highly professional peer-reviewed, not for profit, open access journals in Clinical, Biomedical, Arts, Engineering Physical Sciences, Environmental Science, law, and more with the ultimate goal and mandate of publishing excellent databases for sustainable development

Special Journals Group mandate

Special Journals Group is mandated to provide and promote

  • Transparency in publication etiquette
  • Peer-reviewed data integrity and novelty
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Development and sustainability
  • Peer-reviewed Research design innovations
  • Discovery and advancement in all fields listed within the group
  • Data storage, retrieval, and use
  • A global open-access database
  • Bridging the gap between translational and implementation Science
  • Swelling the volume of available and accessible open-access published research

Click the logo-icons to peruse the home pages of each of the listed journals. We publish par excellence for sustainable development, blazing the trail, and shifting boundaries impress our stakeholders and to make the world we live in a better place to be both for us today and for our children tomorrow

Explore the Special Journals Group and be a stakeholder
Table of presentations for the Special virtual Conferences scheduled for 23rd to 25th September 2021
123/9As Prof Agwu Ezera-KIU UgandaPros and Cons of Special Pathogens in era of COVID 19 Pandemic
223/9Dr BUKASADetermination of the factors associated with the risk of multidrug resistant tuberculosis in tuberculosis patients attending the CSDTs in the Lubilanji health zone. DR Congo
323/9Dr Kato Denis, Makerere University, UgandaImmunopathology of COVID-19
423/9Prof Mathew Tanko, University of Kazakhstan Medical SchoolPathology of Respiratory System of COVID patients
523/9Prof Samson University, NigeriaDiagnostic Pathology of selected tropical disease in an outbreaks
6Marema Ephraim Makgatho1, Department of Pathology and Medical Sciences, University of Limpopo, South AfricaDichloromethane and ethanolic crude leaf extract fractions of Galium spurium exhibit anti-mycobacterial, -proliferative and -oxidative activities.
723/9Prof Sarah Nwozo, University of Ibadan NigeriaDiversity of healthy foods and its significance in sustainable development "
8M. J. Ndlovu:, University of Limpopo, South AfricaPotential Anticancer Activity of Acetone Extracts of Toona cilliata, Seriphium plumosum and Schkuhria pinnata on HeLa Cervical Cancer cells

Special Journals

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