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Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal is one of the open-access peer-reviewed journals published by the Special Journals publisher (SJP). SJ-BPJ was launched in 2015 with the mandate to publish high-quality, novel, accurate, error-free, logical, valid, verifiable, plagiarism-free, and reproducible articles with the ultimate goal of helping to achieve global sustainable development.

SJ-BPJ publishes issue 1 from January to December every year and Issue 2 is published from July to December every year. Articles are published online on a rolling basis as soon as peer review policy minimum of two expert reviewers recommend the acceptance of any article and it is subsequently approved for publication by the editorial council of the journal.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy defines what we do and how we do what we do the way we do it. It includes but is not limited to

  1. Maintain high moral values NOT for profit BUT for sustainable success
  2. Corporate decisions emphatically based more on objective views
  3. Business changes with changing forces in its environment.
  4. Performance should drive motivation
  5. Levity should be replaced with  a sense of competitive urgency
  6. ???

Publish with Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal

Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal [Sec bact. pathog. j.] is now accepting papers again for its Volume 1, issue 2. Your papers will be published in 4 weeks including  [receipt, review, acceptance, and online publication]

Research papers

Submit your original papers for publication now. Types of papers may include but are not limited to; full-length papers, short communications, case reports, letters to the editor, conference papers, conferences, and proceedings.


We also publish books, book chapters, well-structured abstracts, thesis/dissertations, lecture notes, PowerPoint lectures, conference resolutions, and any special documents that a legal entity desires to publish online.

Partners and Friends

Join our global partners and friends today as a donor, editor, reviewer, author, and many more

Life long partners

Our publications provide the ingredients for lifelong learning and knowledge advancements for global sustainable development

Special Pathogens & Associated Disease Conference 2021
Getting the first things right
learn more

Meeting overview

This conference is a semi-annual event that takes place in the last week of April and the last week of September every year starting from 2021

List of Published papers [PDF Available, HTML Is Being Uploaded]

1. Ikheloa J, Inyang NJ, Adelekun A, Agwu E. Spec. Bact. Pathog. J. 2015. Vol 1, (1): 01-10.  [Full text [HTML] : [ PDF]

2. Onwa CN, Bbira M, Magaji S S. Spec bact pathog j 2016; Vol 2, No 1&2: 01-09  [Full text HTML]  :  [Full text PDF]

3. Esumeh FI, Inyang NJAdesina IA, Akpe AR,   Omoigberale MNO,  Igunbor IA LA.   Spec Bact Path J. 2017; 2(2): 1-7.  [HTML] : [PDF]

4. Ahmad HB, Bai HMS, Alkali B. Spec Bact Pathog J 2016; Vol 2, No 1 and 2: 01-08  [Full text HTML]  :  [Full text PDF]

5. Igbinovia O, Agwu EAtuanya EI. Spec Bact Pathog J; 2016; Vol 2, No 1&2: p 01-06   [Full text [HTML]  :  [PDF]

6. Odoki M, Bazira J, Moazam ML and Agwu E. Spec Bact Pathog J. 2015; 1(1): 01-09  [Full text [HTML] : [PDF]

7. Ihongbe JC, Moazzam MI, Pazos V, Agwu E. Spec. Bact. Pathog. J. 2015. Vol 1, (1): 01-08. [Full text [HTML] : [PDF]

8. Maniga NJ, Mogaka G, Nyambane L, Eilu E. Spec Bact Pathog J. 2015, Vol 1, (1) : 01-09 . [Full text [HTML] : [PDF]

9. Alkali B, Ismaila AB, Muhindo J. Spec. Bact Pathog J; 2015; Vol 1, No 1: 03–07  [Full text HTML] : [Full text PDF]

Submit Your Original Papers Or Abstracts Here!

10. Submit your papers here or by email attachment to [email protected] and [email protected]


Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal

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