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Achievement with Medical Camp

In our Medical Cam project, our success is based on our strive to fulfill two of our principal values such as build local medical diagnostic capacity and at the same time fulfill one of our corporate responsibilities to the communities by offering medical services to the door steps of the society. This will provide the bases towards fulfilling our overall mission which is reduce avoidable death and poverty to the barest minimum. Some of the Medical camps which we organized with amazing results were recorded in our database.  Please follow the links to enjoy viewing the events.

  1. Five hundred (500) clients received medical attention by 30 clinical students supervised practicing professionals

  1. One Thousand five hundred (1500) clients received medical attention by over 70 clinical students supervised by practicing professional in the villages during the camp.

Diagnostic capacity building

In our capacity building projects, we strive to impart skills to diagnostic stakeholders including clinical students, supervisors already practicing in many parts of the country in what we call community of practice.

  1. Molecular Biology and PCR training workshop aimed at imparting molecular Diagnostic skills to laboratory managers, researchers, and other stake holders in both private and public sector
  2. In our Microscopy training workshops, we impart skills to the rank and file of laboratory staff, Doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacists, in different healthcare centers both public and private in improve their use of the Microscopes in disease detection. We know most if not all main stream killer diseases can be detected using the microscope. We have strengthened and we are strengthening diagnostic capacity of health sector stakeholders for better results. Follow the link to see the past events
  3.  In another unique Microscopy workshop, we included non-diagnostic professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Biomedical Scientists, Public health professionals and Pharmacists, and other stakeholders that may play an adjunct role in the use of microscopes for diagnosis of tropical disease. Including point of care diagnostics.
  4. We do not only train for resource poor setting we also impart skills for specialized protocols tailored at handling difficult to treat and complex diseases in the tropics. Mycobacterium Interspaced Repetitive Units Variable Number of tandem repeats (MIRU-VNTR) Genotyping workshop. The capacity we built with these workshops have imparted the capacity to study Mycobacteria in this region.

Success story list also include but not limited to:

  1. Success in the launched five official journals for the network in line with the company objectives
  2. Contacted and established communications between our network and banks and airlines for support of our programs. We want partners that can give scholarship to our delegates
  3. Success in organized local and international scientific conference which attracted 52 abstracts from9 countries in 3 continents.
  4. Success in building a network of over 2000 active research fellows and members engaged in our activities. They come from all aspects of the healthcare profession and are involved in healthcare delivery at different levels of health services delivery in different regions of the world
  5. successfully organized seven training workshops within three years of existence in different locations (urban and rural) of Uganda. The locations were selected to suit the participants need while still fulfilling their routine responsibilities.
  6. Success in the established massive collaboration with over 100 private and public establishment all around the world who has accepted to join forces with Spparenet limited to achieve its objectives. The most important includes the regional academic and research power house call Makere University Kampala and Kampala International University.
  7. Trained over 30 healthcare workers out of over 500 personals who indicated interest in our advertised programs but were unable to attend for lack of basic funds. They were trained in tropical disease diagnosis, prevention and control. Interested participants who could not attend were from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia.
  8. successfully Attracted the support of international and local organizations in the supply of reagents for our training. The Dolan learning center , Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA, supplies us with reagents. Makerere University colleges of Health Sciences and Colleges of Veterinary Medicine have all constantly provided the enabling environment for our training and capacity building efforts
  9. successfully Impacted on the economy of Uganda, Tanzania, Southern Sudan and Nigeria by strengthening the capacity of the workforce to detect Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV using limited resources.The calibres of staff trained included but not limited to Laboratory managers, undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, and other healthcare providers
  10. Successfully gave our network a name and a place in the diagnostic industry as one of the major players in the healthcare team. Special Pathogens Research Network Limited is now a reference point for capacity building as people and organizations are going to our site and calling our head office in Bushenyi, Uganda, to know the next line of activities so as to be part.
  11. Assisted employers of labors in local Uganda community by givings skills to the unskilled. We are hoping to expand our staff strength to accommodate the services needed to meet the demands of our new  journals
  12. Strengthened the resolve of workshop participants to pursue a career in diagnostic research on health related disciple. Most graduates from our workshop have gained admission to upgrade their status and others got new jobs as a result of the exposure and the hands on we imparted during our activities
  13. Reduced poverty and death by health education/promotion of the impact of special pathogens on the overall health of the ordinary citizens. Laboratory Staff in Bushenyi have already formed Association to consolidate their skills obtained after our training. They are now encouraging others to join the laboratory union by attending our training workshops organized annually.
  14. Started the five journals of special pathogens with the ultimate goal of helping the public to understand the trend in disease spread and results of original research efforts related to special pathogens in developing resource limited settings.
  15. Submitted proposals for sponsorship by donors.
  16. Submitted articles for publication using special pathogens platform.


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